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$150/hr + $25 travel fee

About the Services

There are many benefits in opting for private class or a series of private classes.
Working on a private level offers a customized experience and a very potent form of practice or training that provides an in depth learning, a building of skills and integration.

At times, our practice isn’t a one size fits all. Tending to your personal practice and needs may lead to better long lasting results and will definitely offer the ability to reach targeted outcomes or personal goals. It also provides a setting for 1:1 attention around alignment, modifications, instruction, care and more.

Vie offers private sessions of Yoga, Movement or Fitness/Personal Training with Coco Finaldi.

Curated and individual programs can be crafted if need be. Or simply catering to a regular weekly schedule and creating a plan as we go. Sessions can be single or package.

*First session is designed to assess and also provide service. Please plan for an additional 15-30min.
Please inquire for details & booking.

**Remote or at home sessions available. Props & equipment may vary according to setting.

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