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Coco is a passionate & experienced Yoga Practitioner & Teacher for over 20 years.  Originally from Montreal, Canada; Coco has traveled and had the opportunity to study, practice & live in different parts of the world. Namely California, Hawaii, Vancouver, Bali and Mexico. Coco loves her work and truly lives her craft. She has led numerous workshops, retreats and teacher trainings and has also run  her own yoga  studios. Additionally, she has been a part of  many Yoga & Movement  communities imparting her passion, knowledge and her findings. 

Coco’s classes and teaching style is rich and balanced with dynamic sequences & movement techniques, breath awareness and creativity. Her approach is designed to create  sustainability,  strength and flexibility in body and mind.  She  offers deep self exploration, inquiry and transformation. 

In Coco’s experience,  Practice & study of Yoga is sacred and is composed of tradition and innovation. Practice what you preach. And Reap what you sew. 

Coco is also a Holistic Bodywork & Massage Therapist and a Healing Arts Practitioner. Creative and multi-disciplinary, her studies & certifications include Massage Therapy, Health, Yoga & Wellness, Lifestyle Balance & Ayurvedic Nutrition. 

A Practitioner, Mentor & Coach; her scope of practice is vast and her repertoire is dynamic, healing & restorative. Coco firmly believes that your truest wealth is your health. 

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Coco is the creator of her own method: VIE HOLISTIC YOGA, BODYWORK, HEALTH & WELLNESS - the complete Portal to Thrival. She offers with Integrity, honesty, dedication, innovation and humor.


Her hope is to support & accompany her students and clients to  reach new levels of self discovery and to help them toward the achievement of their goals for greater overall health & healing, evolution and freedom in their mind and body.

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