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$220 / 2.5-3 hours

About the Services

Kambo is a potent and multifaceted medicine that offers profound healing on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. As a Kambo practitioner, I am honoured to facilitate this transformative journey for individuals seeking holistic wellness and self-discovery. If you're ready to embark on a path of healing and transformation, I invite you to explore the ancient wisdom of Kambo and experience its profound benefits firsthand.

Mat Based Bodywork & Massage Therapy that combines the wisdom of shiatsu, thai yoga massage and a unique approach to deep tissue, acupressure and fascial unwinding.
Use of oils and other therapeutic modalities such as breath, tools, ointments, balms or oils may be used. This treatment approach is soothing for the nervous system, adequate for muscular and joint pain and ailments and overall energy flow. Holistic massage therapy session will also work with chronic injury or pain working with consultation and a custom treatment plan toward recovery and healing.

This Potent Combination is a healing journey that will purify, renew and reset your whole being; Body. Mind. Spirit.

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